Support based on the latest version of RecetteTek

Interface Overview

(1) Display of the left menu, you can also slide left to right to make it appear
(2) Filter by category
(3) Synchronize your recipes in cloud
(4) Filter by title
(5) Sort your recipes by title, best rating, total time, last added
(6) Filter by category, ingredient, keyword
(7) Filter by favorite recipe
(8) Shows a menu to perform actions on selected recipes
(9) Access to recipe details

How to add a recipe from the Internet?

Use the search engine available in the application. To do this, click then click on "Find a recipe on the Web" or from the left menu and select "Search and import".
Enter the desired recipe in the field "Search online" and then search. The results list appears, click on the desired recipe. When you are on the recipe details, simply click on the button

Enter the url of the recipe directly in the field "Recipe link" and then import.

Final possibility: from your Internet browser, share the page of the recipe to RecetteTek.

Why can not I import some recipes?

For some websites, the app can not identify the different elements of a recipe.
They can not be properly imported into the application.

RecetteTek automatically recognizes websites that adopt the microdata specifications (https://schema.org/Recipe).
In any case if your site is not compatible you can use recipes generator.

For Webmasters

If you want to add RecetteTek support for your site, just implement the specification in your HTML code.

I have several devices (smartphone / tablet), how to synchronize my cookbook?

Click on the left menu and select "Backup & Sync". Then click on "Export your backup" (RTK) to send the backup to the other device.
On your other device:
Click on the left menu and select "Backup & Sync". Then click on "Import your backup" and select file yo restore your cookbook.
You can also click directly on the downloaded file (.rtk).

The easiest way is to use Dropbox click on "Sync with Dropbox". Once on your other device, click on "Sync with Dropbox" too